Alert Works Weather Radio All Hazard Radio,White (EAR-10WH)

Price: $39.95 - $37.56
(as of Apr 04,2021 15:29:37 UTC – Details)

The Alert Works EAR-10WH is a public alert certified noaa weather all hazard alert radio with same technology. The life-saving Alert Works EAR-10WH automatically alerts you to a wide variety of severe weather and civil emergencies in your area, and is an Essential element of any and every emergency preparedness kit. The EAR-10WH receives all the noaa weather channels and Features a User selectable 90dB siren, voice alert, or flashing LED. The EAR-10WH Features an easy-to-read digital LCD screen that normally shows you the time. During emergencies a scrolling display shows the pertinent message information about the alert such as tornado flood, Etc. Non- life threatening alerts which don’t apply to your location, may be edited out with the alert off feature found only on more expensive weather radios. Periodically, noaa my find it necessary to add new alert codes, the EAR-10WH allow you to program up to 5 new same alert codes. The same feature gives the User the flexibility to program the radio to receive alerts for selected counties, eliminating unwanted alerts from other areas. If you want to monitor other areas, the EAR-10WH Features 25 memory locations to program additional counties. The EAR-10WH Features a clock with alarm and snooze button. A telescoping antenna with swivel is included. The emergency power backup uses 4 “AA” batteries (not included) keeps your radio working during power outages or outdoor use, and external antenna and alert jacks.

Receives all NOAA Weather channels with alerts
Same technology with 25 memory locations
Alert off feature to program out select event codes
User selectable alert, voice, 90Db siren, or flashing LED
Alarm clock with snooze, and battery back up

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