Battery Operated Weather Radio – Emergency Radio

Price: $35.97 - $30.57
(as of Apr 12,2021 06:00:16 UTC – Details)

For many years, our team of dedicated engineers here at Vondior has been passionate about bringing products that will make an impact in your day-to-day lives. And while the brand has extensively grown ever since it has been founded, we have made it our mission to continuously strive for the production of better home & kitchen items, automotive tools, and emergency gadgets.
There might not be a way to completely prevent natural disasters, road accidents, or other life mishaps from happening, but there’s one thing for sure. We can totally be prepared on how we can face them. One of which is by having the Vondior Emergency Transistor Radio on standby.
Powered by an upgraded long-lasting battery life, this emergency weather radio isn’t like the ones you usually see in stores. Besides providing you access to 7 NOAA weather stations so you can keep yourselves updated during storms, hurricanes and other calamities, it equips you with several functions that will, without a doubt, be of great use when facing these unfortunate scenarios.

  • Equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity
  • Radio giving access up to 7 NOAA weather stations
  • LED lighting function with option to use as flashlight, reading lamp or SOS alarm light
  • Adjustable flashlight modes- far beam, dipped beam or far+dipped
  • Multiple charging options: USB charging, solar panel charging, hand cranking, replacement of spare Li-Ion batteries

Being your handy NOAA weather radio, power bank, and emergency light in one, the Vondior Emergency Radio is the perfect device to keep yourself calm and know your next best step to do during any unfortunate predicament. Equip your homes and your automobiles with this complete emergency radio today!
Your Ultimate Lifeline Device: No one wants to experience emergencies, natural disasters or any kind of crisis. But when you do, it’s best that you’re prepared for the worst. With our Emergency Radio, it’ll be easier to call for help & calm yourself down so you’d know the next best step. More than just a simple NOAA weather radio, this is a battery operated radio that provides you multiple life-saving functions that are handy during hurricanes, storms, road mishaps, power outages & more
Flashlights for Emergencies: Besides being an emergency radio with an upgraded 4000mAh battery capacity, this life-saving device is also made to be your flashlight, personal lamp & SOS alarm signal light in one. So when there’s a power outage, you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere or what-not, know that the Vondior Emergency is not your ordinary weather radio or hand crank radio. It’s a complete emergency light that gives you that sense of security in times of need
Perfect Emergency Device For Your Home & For Your Car: When searching for the best car emergency kits, outdoor mishap tools, hurricane supplies for home, and the like, choosing one that gives provision for mobile charging is but a must. The Vondior isn’t just your plain hand crank radio but more importantly designed to be your emergency power bank as well. Equipped with USB ports, this battery operated radio can juice up your phone up to 60% when it’s fully charged
Smart & Convenient Battery Operated Radio: Most people may already have emergency supplies for their homes or for their cars. But unfortunately, many neglect to occasionally check if they’re ready for use. Our 4000mAh battery operated radio is designed to still help you even in times when you forgot to charge it. Worrying when it’s out of power is not an option as you can rely on its solar charging panel, hand crank, or simply the Li-ion batteries you can easily replace
Practical Emergency Tool Designed With Your Needs In Mind: At Vondior, we design products out of our care for you and your family. So before we even bring them to you, we make sure that this emergency crank radio has passed with flying colors in terms of functionality, reliability & durability. If there’s anything about our all-in-one NOAA weather radio that isn’t at par with your expectations, please let us know. Our team will be happy to make your experience better

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