Best NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency by Kozo

Price: $26.97
(as of Apr 03,2021 22:12:00 UTC – Details)

Kozo present the ultimate AM/FM shortwave emergency radio!
“I’m glad that I bought this one” “Great little hand held radio!” “I love this little thing ! ” “it is well worth the money” “good, clear sound”
HIGH-PERFORMANCE!Our Radio has an excellent loud and crystal clear speaker. The volume is loud enough for a group of people to hear any station during heavy rainfall or a severe thunder storm. It also comes with an AUX input, which means that you’ll be able to connect a speaker or headphones and stay connected anywhere at any time
YOU CAN FEEL THE QUALITY ! Our well built weather radio is made out of a high quality, easy to grip plastic material that makes it easy to hold. The attached hand strap will make it easy to carry around and you’re less likely to drop it, which means that our radio will last you a really long time. guaranteed !
LOVE BEING OUTDOORS? YOU NEED IT! kozo radio is the perfect tool when camping or hiking in the wilderness. if you’re an avid camper or just like to go and enjoy nature from time to time, this radio is a must for your camping kit ! It has a strong led flashlight for dark nights and a siren SOS alarm with flashing red lights that will enable you to ask for help in case of an emergency or to warn somebody.
HELPFUL TIPS 1. Before your first use open the back compartment and make sure the battery is connected. 2. if you’re going to keep it in storage keep the rechargeable battery unplugged in the battery compartment until you need it. That will prolong the battery’s life. 3. when charging cell phones it is best to turn off Wireless and Bluetooth on your phone. It also helps to completely turn off your phone while charging in emergency situations. This will help it charge faster by using less energy.
Don’t hesitate and get one today ! You have nothing to lose with our 100% money back guaranty that insures your purchase.
A MUST HAVE FOR AN EMERGENCY ! If you live in a state where hurricanes, tropical storms or tornadoes can strike at any time or you just want to be prepared for a major power outage, this radio is for you ! Our Radio has all the survivor features that you need such as NOAA alert radio, smart phone charger ( USB input ), Loud speaker, Flashlight and hand crank charger that will keep you connected all the time ! “You’re better off having something for emergencies than wishing for it when an emergency situation arises”
COMPACT AND EAST TO CARRY – Good things come in small packages! The problem with other emergency radios is that they are too big and clumsy. Our Radio is lightweight, portable and just in the right size ! which means that it won’t take up much room when you storage it for backup, and you’ll be able to carry it around in any bag or purse without even noticing it is there.
MULTIPLE CHARGING METHODS IS A BIG PLUS ! charge in 4 ways: Rechargeable 500 mAh Lituim battery, 3 AAA batteries, solar panel and Hand crank – the ultimate charging Method! No matter where you are and for how long, you can always twist the hank crack for a minute or two and use all the radio’s features ! 1 minute of Cranking with approximately 130 circles will provide 18 minutes of radio time and 30 minutes of light . That means that You’ll never have to worry about running out of power !
RECEPTION – Do you live in a rural mountainous area or in a extreme cold and snowy area where its difficult to get any radio or weather station ? our radio is equipped with a long antenna that opens up to 15″ to receive better reception of radio frequencies. it’s great because you’ll be able to receive all the radio stations around you and hear them crisp and clear which ultimately means that you’ll always get the latest news broadcast and weather alerts no matter where you live. Guaranteed !
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTY . We are confident with the quality of our Radio. However If you are not satisfied with it you can send it back with free shipping no questions asked.

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