Emergency Flashlight Radio, 2021 Upgraded AM/FM/NOAA Weather Solar Crank Radio

Price: $51.97 - $35.97
(as of Apr 04,2021 03:28:57 UTC – Details)

Life is full of uncertainties, emergencies often occur unexpectedly and natural disasters sometimes strike without any warning signs. The least we could do is to be prepared by having important emergency supplies readily available, making a plan for yourself and your loved ones, and being informed. 
✧【A Life Saver Radio】When natural disasters come,such as hurricanes, snowstorms,etc.,how can we prevent them?When the whole city is blackout and falls into darkness,how can we spend this dark night?When we are trapped in natural disasters,how can we save ourselves?You only need an emergency flashlight radio, with 7 NOAA stations and rechargeable & replaceable 4000 mAh battery,plus the hand solar phone charger and SOS alarm. Don’t be afraid of all kinds of emergencies.
✧【2021 Upgraded Unique and Powerful Emergency Radio】This emergency flashlight radio is more powerful than the best-selling 090 on the market. The main upgrade points are 4000mAh super large battery , visualized percentage of battery surplus,reading lamp upgraded from 4 to 6 LED beads, 3 flashlight lighting modes and 2 reading lamp modes. This is the most powerful 10 in 1, practical and cost-effective emergency weather radio in history. You deserve it.
✧【Unprecedented 3 + 2 Lighting Mode】Three flashlight modes: ⅰ=Far beam mode, ⅱ=Dipped beam mode ,ⅲ=Far beam+Dipped beam mode; Choosing the brightness you need, which can bring you a sense of security in the dark. Two kinds of reading light modes: ⅰ=reading light manually, ⅱ=automatic sensing mode; the newly designed automatic sensing will auto-light up when sensing human activity within 3 meters, and auto-turn off when there is no one within 30 seconds, which can effectively save energy.
✧【Household & Outdoor Emergency & Necessary for Car】The 4000 mAh battery emergency noaa radio can charge up to 60% for phone when fully charged. In the case of power failure, hand crank charging and solar charging are great methods to emergency charging. The best way to charge is USB charging, which is the most convenient and fast way to get power. In addition, 2 replaceable Li-ion batteries can be replaced with new spare Li-ion batteries in emergency.Perfect for household&Outdoor Emergency&Car.
✧【Responsible Emergency Radio, Responsible Outtdoor】Since 2020, natural disasters have been coming, such as New York blizzard in February, Tennessee tornadoes in March, which has brought us harm. We can’t prevent disasters, but we hope our OD-090P NOAA flashlight radio can help you. As a responsible company, we dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services. And our customer service is here for you 24/7 for anything you need!

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