Weather Radio, 5000mAh Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

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Product Description


A reliable emergency radio is needed for your outdoor activities such as picnicking, camping, hiking. You need to prepare for the worst to keep you and your loved one safe. ROCAM CR1009 Weather radio is a portable radio designed for not only emergency applications but only for daily use. Users can access news and information faster with this small radio AM/FM/SW/NOAA weather alert. It provides 5 ways to power so you never need to worry that it will be disconnected. The size is compact and easy to carry, even you could charge your cell phones and using the LED flashlight and reading lamp in dark.

Easily turn on this hand crank radio and you can choose to listen to AM/FM, shortwave and weather band. The weather band receives all 7 weather channels from NOAA which broadcasts in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands. The SW band will allow you to listen to the overseas broadcasts stations such as BBC, Radio Moscow, Radio Beijing and more. You can also control the radio volume by rotating the volume control knob. The 10.3″ extended telescopic antenna will bring users the best signal when they are listening to the FM/SW and weather band. NOAA Alert features will have the radio go on automatically when there is an alert from the National Weather Service.


FM: 87-108MHZ

NOAA Weather: 162.400/ 162.425/ 162.450/ 162.475/ 162.50/ 162.525/ 162.55 (continuous band)

AM: 520-1710 KHz

SW: 2.3-22.00 MHz

Solar Panel Power: 45mA

Crank power: 250mA

Rechargeable battery: 5000mAh built-in Li-ion battery

AC power input interface: Micro USB


5-Way Powered Sources

AC Power – Plug the AC adapter into the standard outlet, then connect “MICRO USB INPUT” jack on the broadside 21700 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (included) – You can recharge the battery with the AC power method AAA battery: 3 of each (not included) – Install 3pcs batteries and set the Power Selector to AAA Crank Power – Rotate the crank handle at the speed of 2 laps/ second, it will generate 250-300mA electricity Solar Power – This storm radio will generate 30-50mA electricity when you exposethe radio to sunlight


7 NOAA Weather Stations & 5000mAh Upgraded Built-in Power Bank

This outdoor emergency radio compatible with 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather stations for entertainment, like sports, breaking news around the world, what makes it more different than other usual radios is that it is with the easy-to-choose tuning knob button to choose between number “1-7”. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to guess and set. Once this NOAA radio receive signal of emergency warnings, a loud alarm sound will alert you before the disasters happen, such as fires, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquake and so on.

Connect your cell phone charging cable with the USB output port at the right side of the radio and select the Power selector ro Li-ion position on the front of the radio, then rotate the volume control knob away from the OFF position to turn on radio, then you can start charging your devices. Moreover, this latest upgraded version 5000mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery can support 14 hours of lighting,12 hours of radio playing as well.


3W Flashlight & 6-LED Reading Lamp For Any Emergency Cases

The bright long lasting 3W LED flashlight which is brighter than other usual weather radios in the market (usually 1W). And the reading lamp on top with 6-LED are perfectly designed for setting the radio and reading in dark. You can rotate up the lamp by 145 degrees for better reading and both lights are easy to control by the buttons at the right side of the radio.







Take It Anywhere You Go with Compass

This emergency solar powered radio comes with the easy-carry strap and buckle in the package. You could just hang the small radio on your bag with the buckle, or you can use the hand carry strap to take it with you on the way camping, travelling, hiking, backpacking, trekking.

There is a little compass attached on the strap to help you find out the correct directions when you miss your way.

SOS Alarm Function and Red Alert Light

Press ‘ SOS’ button to activate the SOS alarm when there is no one around you, the portable noaa radio can keep you safe and help others to find you easily with the extra loud alarm sound and red flashing light on at the same time so that you could get faster help when you get lost outdoors or encounter emergencies.

3.5mm Earphone Jack Enjoy Your Time

Enjoy your favorite music with the headphone jack, the 3.5mm headphone port is covered by a rubber flap to keep them from being exposed to the elements.


Packing Content

1x ROCAM Emergency Weather Radio (with carry strap and buckle)1x USB Cable 1x 5000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (built-in the package)1x User Manual12-Months Replacement


What do we provide?

This model of emergency radios are officially certified by National Weather Service and authorized to use the NOAA Logo as the ROCAM CR1009 is. The radio will be automatically broadcast emergency weather alerts in your area when it is in Weather Band mode. After the alert is over, the weather band will be turned off automatically. This feature will keep you and your loved ones alerted and safe.

Our company has been in the line of deveoping and providing Home Use and Outdoor products for more than 8 years. We are willing to help you to solve any product problems on We understand it is important to provide you with on-time and rapid response and we always answer to our customers within 12 hours even on holidays.

If you meet any problems after purchasing, just feel free to LET US KNOW and we would be happy to answer and solve your concerns. Thank you for choosing us.

AM/FM/Shortwave Radio & NOAA Weather Alert – This portable radio has a wide range of band reception of AM, FM, Shortwave and NOAA weather stations with the extended telescopic antenna. Shortwave Radio allows you to receive some weird stations from other locations. There are also 7 weather channels are pre-programmed so you can easily tune into your local one, you will hear a Loud Alarm Sound from the NOAA weather signals if there is a severe weather hazard in your area such as storm, hurricane
5 Power Sources & 5000mAh Power Bank – This weather radio supports 5 way to keep device powered. It comes with the upgraded 5000mAh rechargeable power bank to charge your cell phone, tablets or other devices. In case the built-in Li-ion battery is power off, the solar panel and the crank lever can keep your radio connected and powered. You can install 3 AAA batteries into the compartment when you are not able to regenerate power, also you can just simply plug the radio in wall with DC adapter.
2 Bright Light Sources & Compass – Light is important when you are in the dark, this crank radio comes with 3W flashlight and a 6 LED reading lamp, which are brighter than other radios in the market, with easy to reach switch button at the right side, user-friendly design to adjusts the reading lamp to the front, making it easy for users to set and adjust the radio when they are outdoors. The campass attached on the carry strap can guide you to the correct directions when you lose your way.
Loud SOS Alarm Flashing Red Light & 3.5mm Headphone Jack – Simply press the SOS button for asking for help in case you are in danger or you would like to warn someone else, the SOS alert sound is extremely loud and can be heard miles away. There will be a flashing red light on in the meantime; The earphone jack on the right side of the radio allow you to enjoy the your favorite audio more clearly.
Easy to Carry & 12 Months Replacement Warranty – The size for this weather radio is just7.5*3.5*4.7 inch with 1.2LB weight, and we have included a carry strap and a hang buckle so you can take it anywhere you want, this emergency radio is made of strong ABS material which is IPX3 water resistance. A necessary tool for camping, traveling, backpacking or any other outdoor activities. A ideal gift option for adventurers. – We provide our customers with 12-Months Warranty.

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